Aussie Made School Uniforms

Blackjack Merchandising is an Australian owned company and has been manufacturing and wholesaling school uniforms for almost 20 years.

The reason we have survived over the years whilst our competitors have closed their factories or moved manufacturing overseas is because we produce great quality clothing and apparel at a very competitive price and have great customer service.

In our factory we manufacture pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, dresses, shirts, polos, fleece, jackets, track suits etc.


Being a local manufacturer we can turnaround product really fast. Because we do everything in house we have absolute control in production.

We have in house Embroidery, Screen Printing and also have our own knitting machine that manufactures knits, collars & shirt sleeve cuffs.

Everything we make in our factory comes in a roll of fabric and walks out as ready made garment.




If you would like to see how much money we can save your school or eliminate your frustration in waiting for orders to arrive please contact us on 1300 366 724 or