Today we are proud to say that we are now one of very few companies left in Australia that actually cut, sew and make school wear, work wear, safety wear, sports wear and any wear in our factory based in Clyde NSW. We also have in-house embroidery and screen printing services. Not many companies in the field of customised clothing & apparel can make claim to having everything under the one roof.

As almost all manufacturers in clothing & apparel in Australia have closed their doors due to the onslaught of cheaper products imported from overseas we in fact have gone from strength to strength in this ever competitive market. We have done so not because of good luck but because of great business practices, great service, high quality and competitive pricing.

The clear advantage that we have over our competitors and importers is that we can turnaround clothing and garments very quick. Instead of waiting for weeks or months for your garment to arrive from overseas we can actually turn it around in about a week. The other advantage is that you don’t need to order hundreds or thousands of the same garment. With us the minimum is less than 100.