BlackJack Merchandising Pty Ltd has been helping businesses promote themselves and their brand for over 15 years.

BJ Merchandising  manufactures, imports and supplies premium quality clothing & apparel and branded merchandise to Corporate, Hospitality, Security, Construction, Schools and Sporting Organisations.
We encompass a comprehensive range of Work Wear, Safety Wear, Business Wear and Sporting Wear coordinated for men and women. We not only supply the widest range but also the most modern designs together with New Tech Fabrics. The merchandise industry is a highly competitive one in which hundreds of innovative products are introduced every year. Our strict quality control policy combined with highly competitive pricing and an unparalleled level of service has led to an ever expanding and satisfied customer base. This has made BJ Merchandising one of the fastest growing name in Apparel & Corporate Gifts. BJ Merchandising is a one stop shop for all Uniform and Promotional Products. As well as providing a large range of products we also include Company and Sporting Logos with our in-house Embroidery and Screen Printing Services. At BJ Merchandising we pride ourselves on exceptional service and professional advice, available to you through our customer support team. Our very fast turnaround and ‘on time’ prompt delivery nationwide is made possible by our extensive “off the shelf” stocks levels and efficient sales and warehouse staff. In a highly competitive industry BJ Merchandising Pty Ltd can always be relied upon to deliver high quality products and services at a competitive rate every time.